Connecting audio experts to the artists and projects that need them.


Harris-Elff Audio Resources is a partnership between John Harris and Jody Elff, providing audio recording and mixing services, promoting awareness of the value of experienced audio professionals, and connecting content producers with audio specialists across the media spectrum. Harris and Elff have partnered to address the audio needs of an evolving media industry.


With over 70 years of combined professional audio experience, John and Jody have worked in some of the most demanding audio production environments in the world, from high-profile international television broadcasts, film and radio, to field recordings in Africa, art installations and award-winning album productions, their experience spans the spectrum of what is possible when working with audio in the 21st century. HEAR is pioneering a new way for top audio professionals to collaborate with the artists that rely on them. In 2020, Jody designed a system that can connect world-class audio engineers in their control rooms to artists, no matter the distance between them. 


Many engineers, studios and artists find ways to collaborate via file sharing, meeting technology and other screen-sharing platforms, but those systems are limited by a screen, mouse and keyboard interfaces, and file transfer times. The HEAR system provides real-time, full physical console control over high-channel count audio sessions. To the best of our knowledge, this technology is unique in the world and allows for full-quality real-time music mixing; no competing workflow comes close to the tactile control and efficiency that the HEAR system provides. The system is currently patent-pending. 



As revolutionary as this new technology is, the minds and experience behind it are better. Jody and John are audio professionals at the highest level of the audio industry. With multiple GRAMMY and Emmy awards between them, their achievements and skills are unquestionable. These professionals bring their collective experience to bear on every project they touch. When empowered with their unique technology, they understand how to leverage their expertise and tools to achieve audio success across genres and circumstances. With their expertise and technology combined, HEAR is changing the landscape of professional audio practice for the 21st century.